FAO Forum on Food- Strengthening Food Security by Empowering Farmers to Contribute to Seed Biodiversity

FAO has released the proceedings from their forum exploring “the trends affecting agriculture which lead to expanding monocultures and increasing concentration of seed production in the hands of few corporations: how can we protect biodiversity, empower farmers and increase food security?”

Proceedings are available for download

While this is focussed on subsistence and indigenous farmers, primarily in the southern hemisphere, there is much we in the north could learn from this discussion. We have many underserved farmers when it comes to access to optimal seed, particularly for minor markets and smaller scale production, and the continued impact of concentration in the seed industry is turning seed savers into criminals and hitting farmers’ in the pocketbook, no matter what the scale. 

Development of decentralized models of plant breeding and seed production/distribution are a big part of the proactive solution (as well as fighting against concentration in seed through regulatory, legal, and political channels). Learn more about how Organic Seed Alliance is working with organic producers to developed participatory models in organic seed systems – and please – consider donating to our work; we need your partnership, feedback, and financial support to serve the farmers. 

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