Supreme Court Nominee, Elena Kagan, no friend to organic or National Environmental Policy Act

While the Obama administration has done much to support organic farmers,has increased attention to health and nutrition,  and yes – planted an organic garden – let’s not delude ourselves that they’re not also supporting biotech-industrial agriculture. Obama’s new Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, in her post as Solicitor General, filed a brief in support of Monsanto in the ongoing court case around the deregulation of genetically engineered alfalfa . She was not required to do this as part of her job – not a soldier “just following orders” – but rather took it upon herself to offer this brief supporting Monsanto’s position, and arguing that the federal court that placed an injunction on further planting of Roundup Ready alfalfa should not have done so. The argument is based on a conservative opinion regarding National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) cases that does not favor permanent injunctions based upon the government’s (USDA-APHIS in this case) violation of its own law. Disappointing news – and the take home messages ar: 1) that we need to continue to try and unify our voice demanding our choices, as farmers and eaters, for seed and food that is free of genetically engineered contaminants; and 2) that we need to continue to build regional, public, organic seed systems that serve the needs of organic farmers, food companies, and consumers. Please, get involved with OSA, learn about our approach , and support the work of creating ethical and sustainable seed systems.

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