OSA launches YouTube page – new videos of organic carrot breeding project

We’re certainly not a first-adapter of web technologies here at OSA, but we finally have a YouTube page. Today I went to the greenhouse with Dr. John Navazio, Senior Scientist at OSA, and there amongst the flies (they’re great pollinators as John explains) and flowers he described one of our active breeding projects. This carrot project is cooperation with Nash’s Organic Produce in Sequim, Washington. John is breeding for tall strong tops – and I’ll let him explain why in this three part video (YouTube has length limits).

The first is a short intro, the second is John explaining the goals and techniques, and the third is John finishing with an explanation of why he has the flowers bagged and flies introduced into the bags followed by a brief discussion of the benefits of organic plant breeding. It’s about 20 minutes long in total, but well worth it.

Next week we’ll be videoing our summer Organic On-Farm Plant Breeding Workshop (sorry, registration is full) and posting clips of that. We hope to be able to use video to improve our educational offerings.

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