Seed Digest (October 16 – 29, 2010)

Communities Gather to Taste NOVIC Peppers, Carrots, Beets Katherine Deumling describes her experience at a recent Northern Organic Vegetable Improvement Collaborative (NOVIC) tasting, where she gathered with her community to evaluate twelve peppers, four of which were grown by former OSA board member Frank Morton at Gathering Together Farm in the Willamette Valley.

Is a New Agreement Between USDA and Biotech Progress? Nature Biotechnology reports that a new research licensing agreement between USDA scientists and Monsanto has been finalized.

Why Organic Seed? OSA’s John Navazio Has the Answer

Seed Workshops and Speakers Not to Miss! Whether you’re a farmer, plant breeder or policy wonk, the 2011 Organicology Conference offers seed workshops and speakers for everyone.

Monsanto to Farmers: Apply More Chemicals, We’ll Foot Bill The story goes like this: In the late ’90s, Monsanto and other biotech firms assert their new herbicide-tolerant GE crops are good for the environment because they will reduce farmers’ reliance on chemicals. In less than a decade, these varieties (by design) lead to a major upsurge in herbicide use, especially glyphosate. The latest solution offered by the biotech industry is a rebate program that pays farmers to increase the number of herbicides they use as one way to confront glyphosate resistance.

Join OSA on November 1st for our NOVIC Farmer Field Day! Farmers and other community members are invited to join Organic Seed Alliance for a vegetable field day that includes tastings.


Litigants to argue beet stecklings’ fate (October 28, 2010) Capital Press
Saving Seeds for the Future of Sustainable Agriculture (October 25, 2010) Justmeans


NOVIC Farmer Field Day (November 1, 2010) Red Dog Farm in Chimicum, WA

2010 Tilth Producers Annual Conference: Organic Agriculture: The Root of Rural Development. November 12-14, 2010 in Port Townsend, Washington (OSA staff will be presenting)

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