Seed Digest (December 11 – 23, 2010)

USDA Plans to Release First GE Perennial Field Crop Two court decisions and 200,000 public comments later, and the organic community still does not have meaningful answers to the most important questions, especially regarding liability.

The Problem of Contamination: Sugar Beet Update OSA has been on the frontline as a plaintiff in two sugar beet lawsuits against the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Advisory Services Key to Seed Cooperative’s Success OSA offers a range of fee-for-service technical and advisory services to seed and food companies, farmers and organizations.

2010 Annual Report: Advocating for Seed Stewardship OSA has established itself as a leader in promoting the benefits of organic seed systems.

OSA Teams with Washington State University OSA formed a formal partnership with WSU in 2007 to deliver organic seed and plant breeding education.

Question the Power of Seed Advocacy? If you wonder whether your voice matters in advocating for the stewardship of seed and farmers’ roles therein, take heart of recent developments in South Africa.

Organicology: The study of a sustainable food future. February 10-12, 2011

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