Mandatory Labeling of GMOs is Long Overdue

The final results for MSNBC’s poll last week that asked: “Do you believe genetically modified foods should be labeled?” show 96% of respondents want labeling. This overwhelming support for labeling of GMO food ingredients is not surprising. For the last decade other polls have shown similar results, like this recent poll by CBS and the New York Times that found 87% of respondents want labeling and a 2001 ABC News poll that found 93% want the government to require mandatory labeling.

Make these poll results known! Contact your members in Congress (find your Senators and Representatives) and ask President Obama to stand behind his campaign pledge to support the mandatory labeling of GMOs.

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3 Responses to Mandatory Labeling of GMOs is Long Overdue

  1. O'Neill D. Louchard says:

    Labelling is important. Not using GMOs, more important.
    I should think the more than 125,000 suicides of Indian farmers who got caught in the seed nightmare should be a warning to our farmers.
    I will continue to do all I can to avoid consuming GMOs. It may mean eating only what is produced locally by people I know do not use them and having a very restricted diet. I have several health issues and consider food the most important way to make every effort to be as healthy as possible.

  2. Sonja Kunath says:

    I want a choice! GMO should be on food labels!

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