Need Technical Assistance for a Community Seed Project?

The need for people to work at the local level to protect and advance organic seed systems has never been greater. OSA is helping to create community seed systems across the U.S. through our research and education programs but also through fee-for-service technical assistance.

Our staff and contractors provide a range of skills and resources to help farmers and businesses respond to the opportunities and challenges in their communities. Project examples that suit our advisory services include:

— Creating a variety trial program on your farm or in your community.

— Improving on-farm plant breeding and crop improvement. This includes training in seed saving, commercial seed production, plant breeding, and policy matters.

— Establishing a stock seed development program.

— Developing feasibility and business plans for a seed enterprise, such as a cooperative. This includes grant writing, fundraising assistance, and general project financing assistance.

To learn more, contact advisory services director Dan Hobbs for a free 30-minute consultation.

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