TAKE ACTION: Organic Certification Cost Share at Risk

Believe it or not, Congress is in the process of writing the Farm Bill. Given the intense budget-cutting pressures facing Congress, funding for many important organic programs is in jeopardy. One program that is particularly vulnerable is the Organic Certification Cost Share Program.

Call your senators and representatives today and tell them NOT to cut the Organic Certification Cost Share Program.

Find contact information for your elected officials here.

Why is this important? The Organic Certification Cost Share Program provides reimbursement of 75%, up to a maximum of $750, for the costs of organic farmers and handlers to certify as organic. This program reimburses farmer/handler costs for each year of certification.

It’s good for business. Organic consumption is growing in the U.S. In order to meet this demand, we need to increase the number of U.S. organic farmers. Without this help to increase the number of U.S. organic farmers, U.S. food companies will go offshore for organic product needs.

Organic certification helps farmers access new markets. Organic is one of the fastest growing sectors of U.S. agriculture. Organic farming brings multiple benefits to everyone by increasing the number of farmers of all sizes in communities throughout the U.S., preserving a clean environment, and producing healthy food.

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