OSA and Partners to Breed New Carrots for Organic

At OSA, we believe organic farmers need varieties adapted to their organic systems and challenges. We are excited to announce a new project that advances this mission.

Thanks to USDA’s Organic Research and Extension Initiative, OSA is partnering with the Agricultural Research Service, Purdue University, University of California, University of Wisconsin, and Washington State University to develop new carrot varieties for organic agriculture. (Other 2011 OREI grants can be viewed here.)

This long-term breeding project addresses the critical needs of organic carrot farmers by developing novel colored carrots with improved disease and nematode resistance, improved weed competitiveness, and improved nutritional value and flavor.

This project will also compare the relative performance of breeding material in organic versus conventional environments and investigate whether some carrots support a more robust soil microflora.

Help protect OREI funding!

OREI grants have provided critical support to the organic community. Unfortunately, this program and others that support organic are at risk of being cut through farm bill discussions now underway through an unprecedented, expedited process that aims to cut the budget.  Get in touch with your members of congress today and tell them that we cannot cut support for organic agriculture, a sector that is growing by 9% annually and creates jobs at four times the national average. You can also show your support by signing this petition to the Senate Agriculture Committee. Show your support today!

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