Is There a Sugar Beet Listening Session Near You?

USDA recently published its court-ordered draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for Roundup Ready sugar beets. In addition to accepting written comments, the agency is hosting three public listening sessions in Fargo, ND (Nov. 15), Corvallis, OR (Nov. 17), and Riverdale, MD (Nov. 22). Here are the meeting locations and details.

If you can’t attend one of these listening sessions, be sure to submit written comments by December 13, 2011. As background, check out these resources:

Five Reasons GE Sugar Beets Threaten Organic

Court of Appeals Dismisses Monsanto’s Appeal of GE Sugar Beet Case

Leading Organic Businesses Oppose GE Sugar Beets

The Problem of Contamination: GE Sugar Beet Update

Regulatory Oversight of GE Crops Just Got Weaker

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