Why I Give to OSA

“Seeds are all about the next generation, which is exactly what organic is about. The work of OSA is crucial to the future of food and life.”

Atina Diffley
OSA board member and owner, Organic Farming Works

“No other organization’s efforts match the work of Organic Seed Alliance. They understand that the foundation of organic agriculture starts with the seed. If organic farmers want to grow good food then we need good seed to work within our systems. Their research, advocacy, education and support have had consistent, positive impacts on my organic seed farm.”

Beth Rasgorshek
OSA supporter and owner, Canyon Bounty Farm

“I believe in OSA and their mission — they are accomplishing great things. Their work complements our efforts at Seed Savers Exchange, and we’re delighted to be partnering with OSA on a new seed saving book.”

Amy Goldman
OSA supporter and board chair, Seed Savers Exchange

Please donate today. Here’s how.

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