Seed Swapping for a Strong Community Seed System

OSA joined the Orcas Island, WA community for their 3rd Annual Heritage Seed and Plant Exchange this past weekend. The spring-like afternoon made for a delightful afternoon of seed swapping. About fifty islanders turned out with seeds, a desire to hone their seed saving skills, and plans to strengthen their community seed system.

OSA’s Communications and Outreach Associate, Cathleen McCluskey, shared Winter Bloomsdale seed, a breeding component of the Heirlooms of Tomorrow Abundant Bloomsdale project, with swappers. Islanders brought seeds they’d saved from last year’s exchange to share with the community. Other folks brought a bulk of seeds passed on from a farmer in the area who won’t be growing this season. Conversations about the potential for industry-scale seed production in the county and community resiliency were abundant.

With spring on the way, remember to visit OSA’s online publications with questions about your upcoming seed saving or breeding projects.

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