Invest in Seed in a Whole New Way

As you planted seed this spring, did you think about how each variety was bred and produced? Or about saving some of your own seed this year? Maybe you wish your favorite variety had been available in a certified organic form.

If so, you are not alone.

According to Organic Seed Alliance’s data, less than 20% of organic farmers have access to enough organic seed to meet their agronomic and market needs. Most U.S. organic production relies on seed bred for chemical-intensive agriculture. These high-input systems, and the seed bred for them, lack agricultural resilience.

But statistics only tell part of the story. If you attended our Organic Seed Growers Conference earlier this year, you know that new partnerships are developing across North America. Diverse members of the organic industry are working together to ensure organic farmers have the seed they need to be successful.

Some of the most important partnerships are happening in the field.

OSA’s work is timely and unique precisely for this reason. Our research, education, and advocacy programs emphasize farmers’ role as seed stewards. Most farmers are no longer able to save, improve, or produce seed on their farms. This is why we train farmers in seed production and on-farm crop improvement skills, and invite their farms to participate in organic plant breeding projects to meet regional seed needs.

The results include healthier food, farms, and families, and decentralized seed systems that honor diversity and farmer-owned seed.

We know you already made your seed purchases this year. Today we are asking you to invest in seed in a whole new way through a tax-deductible contribution to OSA, at any level you can afford.

Make a donation of $50 or more and receive an organic OSA t-shirt or hat as a thank you gift. Please visit our website for more details.

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