Spring Letter from Our Executive Director

Farmers have been at the heart of Organic Seed Alliance’s work since our inception. We rely on farm experience, knowledge, and land to inform each component of our work to build organic seed systems — from breeding to production to distribution. We believe the role of farmers in stewarding our seed must be promoted, protected, and propagated as vigorously as the conservation of seed itself.

Our Farmer Seed Stewardship initiative promotes farmers as seed innovators and recognizes this growing movement across the U.S. The initiative, which is a partnership with Seed Matters, is showcasing stories from the field to inspire a new direction for seed system development (see the Farmer Seed Stewardship stories in this issue).

We are building networks of seed stewards to enhance regional knowledge and shared expertise, ultimately improving access to high-quality, regionally adapted organic seed. And by expanding education, we are helping more farmers save, breed, and produce seed for on-farm and commercial use.

But we’re just getting started.

We invite you to join our Farmer Seed Stewardship map if you are a farmer who produces, saves, or improves at least one seed variety on your farm for commercial production or on-farm use, or if you conduct on-farm research or variety trials. As a seed steward, you support the followingstatement and principles.

You don’t have to be a farmer to support seed stewardship. Each donation to our research, education, and advocacy is an investment in the quality and integrity of the food we eat, the health of our environment, and the foundation on which we all depend: seed. Contribute quickly and securely today.

Read on to learn more about what OSA has been up to this last quarter, including:

– Planning our 7th Organic Seed Growers Conference: Innovation in the Field
– Publishing a California Organic Variety Trial Report
– Co-hosting the 2013 Organicology conference

This spring, we hope you’ll take time to build your knowledge in organic seed, whether it’s learning how to save seed on your farm or in your garden, conducting organic seed variety trials, or asking your favorite seed distributor how the seed you purchase was produced.

Happy planting!

Micaela Colley
Executive Director

Read the full Spring 2013 newsletter here.

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