Year in Review: Deepening Our Roots in California

CA Trial 2013 Riverdog Farm 1We are meeting the need for a more robust seed system in California by partnering with the USDA, Columbia Foundation, Gaia Fund, and the California Wheat Commission to expand our outreach in the state. In 2013, OSA:

  • Taught more than 430 people seed saving, seed production, and/or variety improvement at 20 workshops throughout the state
  • Purchased specialty seed cleaning equipment for seed producers to share
  • Worked with California farmers to breed varieties of zucchini, winter squash, sweet corn, carrots, and spinach for organic systems
  • Conducted variety trials on eight farms, evaluating more than 100 vegetable and grain varieties to identify the best choices for organic farmers
  • Provided one-on-one mentorship for beginning and experienced seed producers to help them more successfully produce and market their seed crops

We’re excited for 2014, and hope you’ll join us in the classroom or field. To learn more about our California projects, you can send me an email here.

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