Are You a Farmer Seed Steward?

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 6.59.59 PMFarmers who save and improve seed are innovators in their own right. Their seed decisions and practices impact the quality and integrity of the food we eat, the health of our environment, and the viability of this invaluable natural resource. Farmers are therefore central to expanding agricultural diversity.

The Farmer Seed Stewardship initiative recognizes farmers as seed innovators. The initiative is a partnership between Organic Seed Alliance and Seed Matters, and advances education, research, and advocacy to support farmers’ ability to save, breed, and produce seed for on-farm and commercial use. The initiative works toward three goals:

  • Promote the role of farmers as seed stewards
  • Protect a farmer’s ability to save and improve seed
  • Propagate seed stewards through education and training

And we want you to join us! Are you a farmer who produces, saves, or improves at least one seed variety on your farm for commercial production or on-farm use? Or do you conduct on-farm research or variety trials? If so, be a part of the growing network of seed stewards. We’ll provide you a choice of seed publications, “pin” you on our map, alert you to educational opportunities in your region, and engage you in timely political actions. We need your good work as a seed steward, and we need your voice on issues pertaining to seed policy. Learn more about the principles governing our approach to seed stewardship here.

Learn more about our other Farmer Seed Stewardship initiative activities here.

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