Seed Producers Database Survey — We Need to Hear From You

Pile of argula seedsOSA is in the process of evaluating, and potentially upgrading, our Seed Producers Database. Whether you’ve used this online tool before or not, please take two minutes to answer this short survey to help us determine the value of this database. As background, this tool was established to serve organic seed producers in search of new contracts and markets for their products and seed companies in search of organic seed producers. Organic farmers looking for bulk quantities of organic seed have also used the database as have growers looking to network with other seed producers in their region or crop focus. By creating a log-in, database members can easily search seed producers by crop type, certified organic versus non-organic, region, type of production, and acreage available for seed crops. If it’s determined that this database is an important networking tool, we will quickly move forward with necessary upgrades and promotion to ensure its success and wide use. Thank you for taking two minutes to answer our short survey.

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