Partnering with Greenbank Farm’s Organic Seed Project

greenbankGreenbank Farm, an OSA partner and non-profit educational farm on Whidbey Island, has started the second year of its Organic Seed Project. This project, which is funded through a Washington State Department of Agriculture Specialty Crops Block Grant, aims to encourage new and existing organic farmers in Western Washington to conduct variety trials, save and improve their seed, and network regionally. Project activities include:

•  Offering regional farmers stipends and technical assistance to conduct their own on-farm variety trials.

•  Launching an online organic seed growers discussion group where members can ask questions, answer questions, and share resources and experiences concerning regional organic seed production.

•  Sponsoring regional workshops taught by OSA. This year’s scheduled workshops include:

•  June 16, 2014: Greenbank Farm, On-farm Breeding with Self-pollinated Crops

•  August 2014: Seed Cleaning Workshop (date and location to be announced)

•  Initiating a seed equipment rental program where farmers can affordably rent a small belt thresher and air-screen seed cleaner.

•  Variety trials, seed improvement activities, and field days at the Greenbank Farm.

To learn more about the project and how to participate, click here.

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